Vista lago


Concepción is the second largest city in the country in terms of population, with important cultural centers and an active university life. It has significant historical importance, being the place where the Declaration of Independence from Spain was signed. Due to earthquakes, there are little or no vestiges of its past; some of them remain in the Museum of Holy Art and in the Gallery of the University. Interesting sites to visit include the Cathedral of the Holy Conception, the Square of Independence and the Plaza España.

Airport: Carriel Sur.
Flight time from Santiago: 1 hour, daily flights.
Transfer to town: 20 minutes. 


Former Coal mines of Lota - Historic remains of the most important coal mine in Chile. It's possible to visit the Mine "El Chiflon de Don Carlos" and visit the "Pique Carlos" and "Chiflón del Diablo". The tours are lead by ex miners who recall the history of the mine and their own experiences. 

Parque Isidora Cousiño - A beautiful Botanic garden with species of ancient trees brought by Isidora Goyenechea, appreciate various vestiges from that age. The guides wear historically accurate clothing. There is a lovely restaurant in a historic house on the property and near the entrance is the Lota History Museum, which has a photographic exhibition of the boom of coal in Chile and also gives lectures on the historic importance of this mine to the economy of Chile. 

Fort of Lota - Built in 1661, this place has an excellent view over Lota and Colcura. 

Hydroelectric Plant of Chivilingo - Near Lota, this plant was designed by Thomas Alva Edison and commissioned by Carlos Cousiño. It started working in 1897, being the first of its kind to do so in Chile and the second in South America.