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With an incredible amount of lakes, fjords, glaciers, mountains and endless native forest, Patagonia offers the opportunity to explore a remote and moving landscape. Here you find National Parks such as the San Rafael Lagoon with its impressive glacier and the Torres del Paine, one of the best known National Parks in the world. The area is an excellent one for adventure sports and activities as well as wonderful cruises through the stunning scenery of the southern fjords.


The vast expanses of Chilean Antarctic invite the visitor to a place of discovery and adventure. Covering an area of over 1 250 000 square km (more than 700 000 square miles) it is home to ancient ice which in places is 3 000 m/9 900 feet thick. It is home to a wide variety of species of birds, whales, sea lions and seals and of course penguins. Settlements on "the white continent" include a small civilian settlement, 3 military ba<x>ses, a meteorological station, a ba<x>se for scientific study and 4 camps which operate during the summer.

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