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Chile offers the opportunity to enjoy a really different holiday. There is no other destination on the planet that offers such a variety of scenery and climate. From the driest desert in the world to the ancient ice of Patagonia, Chile can satisfy the needs and meet the expectations of the most demanding traveller.

In the north there are desert lands, abandoned villages full of history such as the former saltpeter town of Humberstone, and oasis and cultural centres such as San Pedro de Atacama. In the central valley, Santiago the capital hosts an attractive mix of historic buildings and modern amenities. From there it is possible to visit the nearby Andes Mountains, ski resorts in the winter, discover the famous Chilean wines in historic colonial wineries or spend a pleasant day on the central coast with attractive beaches and towns known for their history and tradition, such as Valparaíso.

Chile is also a land of nature. Amongst the many National Parks to be found here, the best known is the Torres del Paine, where the condor lives in harmony with the spectacular peaks of Patagonia. In the Lake District the native forest offers the opportunity to practice a wide variety of adventure sports and enjoy rich ecological surroundings, where the blue of the waters reflects the volcanoes which are covered in snow all year round.